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Model: NH-ZSC-II-1
Brand: NH
Code: 8439910000

High concentration slag remover pulp consistency cleaner density impurity cleaner paper pulping equipment for paper mill

The slag remover is a device that uses the principle of classification to remove impurities from different slurries in the slurry.
Product Description

High Consistency Cleaner

cleaner 1 (6)

Recycled paper pulp making machine cleaner equipment heavy impurity cleaner utilizes the difference 

in specific gravity between the fibers and the impurities to separate the heavy impurities from the pulp 

to achieve the purpose of purifying the pulp. The equipment can be used in a wide range of applications,

both for the rough cleaning of high-energy pulp and for the selective purification of low-concentration 

pulp before the paper machine. It can be used in the production of chemical pulp, semi-chemical pulp, 

and in the production of mechanical pulp waste pulp. It is widely used in the production of box-board 

paper, corrugated paper, cultural paper, newsprint and toilet paper, especially for purifying waste paper 

pulp and semi-chemical method. The straw effect is better .


Model ZSC-II-10 ZSC-II-20 ZSC-II-40 ZSC-II-50 ZSC-II-60 ZSC-II-80 ZSC-II-100

Capacity      (I/U)

10-20 20-40 40-60 50-70 60-80 80-110 100-130

Throught    (m/min)

0.8-0.9 1-1.2 1.5-2.0 2.0-2.5 2.5-3.0 3.0-3.5 3.5-4.5

Consistency  (%)


Pressure of ZSC pulp



Pressure of output pulp  (Mpa)


Pressure of washing water  (Mpa)

Pressure of inflow pulp + 0.02 Mpa


1.Simple structure, small occupied area, large production capacity, convenient operation, no clogging of the slag discharge port, high purification efficiency;

2. Slurry passes through the slag remover only once, without the tail slurry processing equipment, and the fiber loss is zero. 

3. The cone is wear-resistant, has a long service life, no transmission, no power is required to install it in the slurry conveying process, and the slag removal effect can be achieved.

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