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Model: NH-ZN
Brand: NH
Code: 8421191000

Oblique thickener for pulp inclined screw thickener for paper pulp thickening with easy operation and simple structure

Inclined screw thickener is suitable for thickening and washing pulp such as sulfate wood pulp, mechanical pulp, and chemi-mechanical pulp, etc.

Product Description

Inclined Screw Thickener

Oblique spiral pulp extruder is used for the pulp and paper industry to concentrate and wash all kinds of paper pulp, especially suitable for the dewatering and concentration of waste paper pulp, used in series with spiral extruder to achieve the required concentration of heat dispersing machine. It has the advantages of large production capacity, good dehydration effect, saving footprint, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.

Low thick slurry from the slurry inlet into the porous pipe, driven by the screw, from the bottom up, water in gravity and spiral compression from the multi-pipe hole into the box, discharged by the white water outlet, after concentration of slurry outlet discharge.

thickener main


Design features

1.NH-ZN series inclined screw thickener consists of screw roll, brush, screen, frame, inlet and outlet device as well as the driving device, etc.

2. Pulp enters the screen basket via level-regulating box from lower part of thickener. The white water is draining out through screen as result of increased pressure and level difference between inside and outside of the screen when the screw is rotating. The thickened paper stock is shredded by blades on upper end of the screw and discharged out of the trough. The white water is collected in the filter tank and flows out of the white water opening.

3. The capacity and outlet consistency of the inclined thickening can be varied with the size of screen slots, the length and pitch of the screw and rotation speed, etc. In general, while handling with waste paper pulp, the thickener shall keep the screen slots at 1.5~2mm, inlet consistencies are 2~4% and outlet consistencies are 10~12%.

4. Simple in structure, easy, safe and reliable in operation and maintenance, high capacity and less area requirement.

5. The inclined screw thickener’s output or consistency can be changed by means of the level box’s pulp consistency and the pulp level difference.


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