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Stainless steel cylinder mould for toilet paper cylinder mould papermaking equipment part used in paper mill

      According to the purpose, the paper machine cylinder mould is divided into paper-making cylinder mould and thickening cylinder mould. Divided into stainless steel and cast iron materials. There are two welding methods of electric welding and buckle welding for the cylinder mould. Stainless steel cylinder mould can effectively reduce equipment maintenance cycle, improve anti-corrosion performance, improve paper quality, increase green water area and speed, and increase output.
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Cylinder Mould

There are string type, diagonal type, winding type .

  Cylinder mould including spindles, grids, spokes and spacers, with spokes equally spaced on the main shaft, with wire racks mounted on the spokes, stainless steel spokes mounted at equal intervals between the spokes on the main shaft, replacing part of the spokes. The stainless steel support ring is embedded at the outer end of the support bar, and the grid is installed along the outer edge of the support steel ring and the spoke, and is tightly wound with   stainless steel wire. The paper machine cylinder mold is light in weight, corrosion-resistant and reduces energy consumption. Reduce equipment maintenance cycle.

mould 2


1. Cylinder mould structure is simple, light, corrosion-resistant, prolongs the service life;

2. Dehydrates quickly and evenly, reduces energy consumption, increases the speed of the paper machine by 20-30%; 

3. Adapt to the requirements of producing high-grade paper products cylinder mould



bearing center distance


width of cylinder mould


dia. of cylinder mould


fit width of paper


1900 1400

D600 - D2200 mm

1575 2400 1900
1760 2600 2100
2800 2300
2040 3100 2500
2362 3400 2750
3200 4300 3500

Product Detail 

cylinder mold

1. Winding type cylinder mould

  String type cylinder mold is simple, light and corrosion resistant, prolongs the service life of the cylinder mold,dehydrates quickly and evenly, reduces energy consumption, increases the speed of 20-30%, and can adapt to the require of production high-grade paper products.

2. String type cylinder mould

  The string type cylinder mould is assembled from stainless steel rods and stainless steel sheets and stainless steel spacer sleeves. The mesh surface is strong and durable.

Each piece of the spokes is accurately metered to avoid the weight of the cage, reduce the friction between the cage and the net of cylinder mold, and reduce the production cost.Very strong overall, durable .

3. Stainless steel cylinder mould

a. All spokes for the U-shaped design to reduce water resistance, the surface is very smooth; the speed of the car can be increased by 15-30 meters than the ordinary cast iron cage does not produce water seepage

b. The strength is several times higher than that of the ordinary cage, it is resistant to impact and reduces the maintenance rate of the cage.

c. High flatness of the mesh surface, increase the drainage area, increase the output, and improve the quality of the paper.

d. Acid and alkali resistant, standard 304 stainless steel

4. Stainless steel cylinder mould with SUS circle

Stainless steel cylinder mold with stainless steel circle to install different mesh stainless steel wire mesh.

5. Cylinder mold stainless steel stick

Fixted cylinder mold spoke with spoke ,evenly dehydrated .


cylinder mould 1(6)

cylinder mould (4)

Packing & Delivery

cylinder mould 1(3)

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cylinder mould 1(2)

Yankee Cylinder Mould for Paper Making Machine, which improves the work efficiency, and it can be used for toilet paper, writing paper making and so on . cylinder mould  cylinder mold stainless steel cylinder mould cast iron cylinder mold

cylinder mould 1(1)

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