Qinyang NH Paper Machinery Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Corporate vision-to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development!

Company Introduction

Qinyang NH Paper Machinery Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is professional and leader production of paper machine clothing and fabric mesh manufacturers , with rich experience and decades of production history for paper machine clothing and fabric mesh . We have always adhered to the spirit of "survive by quality and develop by credibility", with good quality, best price be welcome and trust by our customers . In addition to being sold all over the home country, our products are also exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and other overseas countries. It has rich production and sales experience, and its product quality and after-sales service are deeply favored by foreign users. Our factory is equipped with large production sites and reasonable supporting facilities, with polyester forming fabric mesh, polyester spiral mesh, two-and-a-half layers forming fabric mesh, stainless steel wire mesh and other paper making fabric mesh production equipment, adopt advanced paper making fabric mesh production technology, the product variety is complete and excellent quality ,NH one-stop production line has been satisfied by our customers.

In order to better meet the requirements of our customers, we always adhere to the factory  mission of "customer is the most important, quality is the first" ,supply high quality products to customers. Our company can design and produce various paper making clothing and fabric mesh & industrial mesh and belt according to customer requirements, providing customers with high-quality products and perfect services.

The company, located in Qinyang City, Henan Province, the production base of paper making equipment, has advantages of convenient transportation and rich product resources .
The pursuit of excellence, customer first concept, to ensure product quality, improve technical services, is always our commitment. Let us join you, we firmly believe that with our strength, there will be your success .

NH group sincerely welcomes paper manufacturers to visit us ! Also welcome colleagues from all walks of life to visit and guide!

The company's main products include: Paper machine clothing : Paper making forming fabric mesh , paper making multi-layer forming fabric mesh, two-and-a-half layers forming fabric mesh, double layers forming fabric mesh, paper making copper mesh,cylinder mould wire mesh ; Paper machine press felts and fabric : single layer press felts and fabric, double layers press felts and fabric, three layers press felts and fabric; Paper machine dryer fabrics : polyester spiral dryer fabric, polyester spiral press filter dryer fabric, flat woven dryer fabric, flat wire dryer screen; Industrial fabric mesh: PTFE high temperature resistant fabric mesh, polyester square hole fabric mesh, antistatic mesh, desulfurization mesh, vacuum filter press mesh, sludge dewatering mesh, non-woven forming fabric mesh, pulp making mesh, pulp washing mesh, high speed pulp washing mesh , nylon fabric mesh; Filter mesh: PVDF filter mesh, stainless steel filter mesh, polyester filter mesh, nylon filter mesh; Screen printing mesh: stainless steel screen printing mesh, polyester screen printing mesh ; NH Group can customize and process paper making wires and fabrics for various paper machines. We also supply various pulping equipment, paper making machines, various paper products processing equipment, and paper making machinery accessories: cylinder mould, paper machine rollers, bearings, pulp pumps, propellers, scrapers and scraper blades,press felt tensioners and adjuster, pulping equipment accessories, etc.