QB/T 3532-1999 Polyester Forming Mesh for Papermaking Light Industry Standard

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QB/T 3532-1999 papermaking polyester forming net part related contents are as follows.

QB/T 3532-1999 papermaking polyester forming net part related contents are as follows.

QB/T 3532 one 1999.

5.3 the grade evaluation of product appearance quality, the whole screen of the net shall be comprehensively inspected by visual inspection combined with experience, and defects shall be observed with 5~10 times magnifying glass, and the grade shall be measured and graded according to the degree and quantity of defects according to the provisions of Table 4 of this standard.

6 Inspection rules

The 6.1 polyester forming net shall be inspected by the technical inspection department of the manufacturing plant according to the technical requirements of this standard, and can be delivered only after it is qualified.

6.2 Before leaving the factory, the inspection department of the manufacturer shall fill in the certificate of conformity, indicate the grade, product name, specification and model, net size production date and ex-factory package number, etc., and affix the special inspection seal of the inspector to prove compliance with the provisions of this standard.

6.3 The user can carry out acceptance according to the provisions of this standard and the technical requirements specified in the contract. If it is found that it does not conform to the provisions of this standard, it has the right to submit a re-inspection within 6 months after the product leaves the factory. After the joint re-inspection by both parties, the result is indeed a production quality problem, and the manufacturer is responsible for it. For quality problems caused by improper transportation, storage and use, the responsible party is responsible for it.

7 Marking, packaging, transportation and storage

7.1 endless forming wire is rolled on three wire rods. There are single-rod rolling nets for end nets, leaving a margin of 150~250mm at each end, and the lengths of the three nets must be consistent to facilitate net replacement.

The surface of the 7.2 net pole should be smooth and straight, without protruding sharp corners or nodes. Wipe off the dust and dirt before rolling the net, and roll a layer of kraft paper strips.

The 7.3 rolling net is important and the net edges are neatly overlapped, and the outer protrusion of the net edge is not more than 10mm. Appropriate pad code shall be used according to the net length to prevent loosening.

7.4 The rolled net should have the interface and operation signs placed on several layers outside the *, and the three rods should be triangular and tied firmly with ropes.

7.5 the rolled net is wrapped with a layer of kraft paper. When wrapping the second layer, put the product certificate and other technical documents into it. Plastic bags can also be used instead of the outer layer of kraft paper.

7.6 packing box shall be lined with suitable filling to ensure that the net is not damaged.

The packing box of the 7.7 forming net must be adapted to the size of the net, and the device for fixing the net rod must be set to make it in the process of transportation. No jumping, no rolling, no jumping.

7.8 net cages shall be made finely and tightly assembled. The cover shall be fixed with iron waist. The nail tip shall not be exposed. The net cages with a length of more than 2.5m shall be surrounded by iron corners.

The 7.9 shall stick a specification card on one end of the net cage, which shall be marked with the product name, specification and model number. Arrival station name, receiving unit, and indicate the production and delivery unit, etc.

7.10 on both sides of the cage should be marked with "handle with care", "fire and corrosion prevention", "do not put upside down", "prevent moisture" and other words or signs. Chi, * should be painted after the lifting position indication.

The 7.11 must be lifted and placed gently during handling. It is forbidden to throw or roll, and it is not allowed to be placed upside down or upright.

7.12 cage transportation should be separated from strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent.

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