Subuliform paper pulp cyclone desander high efficiency medium concentration for paper mill paper making equipment

The medium-consistency pulp cleaner is a large-diameter, high-throughput, high-efficiency and energy-saving cleaner. The unique structure design allows the slurry to enter the slurry within the concentration range of 0.5 to 2.0%.


Product Description


The slag remover desander equipment for pulp clean uses a spiral tangent line to enter the cone to quickly form a stable vortex, and the good slurry is separated from the upper part to reduce fiber loss. It can be widely used in various slurry purification systems to remove sand and dust in the slurry,heavy impurities.



A . Flexible structure design

Each slag remover is composed of inlet and outlet parts, wear-resistant cones, tailings discharge cones, etc., making it easier to disassemble and assemble.

B.Low power consumption

The unique structure design of subuliform paper pulp cyclone desander high efficiency medium concentration can make the slurry enter the slag remover at any concentration of 0.5%~2%, and the inlet pressure only needs 150Kpa, which can form a stable vortex, which greatly reduces the system power consumption and operation and maintenance costs. 

C. Long service life

The main body of subuliform paper pulp cyclone desander high efficiency medium concentration is made of wear-resistant stainless steel, which enhances the wear-resistance and corrosion resistance of the slag remover, and has a wider application range; the slag discharge cone has a double-layer design and the inner layer is wear-resistant ceramics to ensure long service life.



Flow rate: 800~1500L/min

Concentration: 0.5~2.0%

Processing capacity: 10~25T/D

Inlet pressure: 150~400Kpa

Pressure difference: 30~100KPA

Diameter of single slurry inlet: DN100

Diameter of single outlet: DN125

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