Urban sugar ceramic slaughter printing and dyeing factory sewage treatment mesh belt

Sewage treatment mesh belt is used for: urban sewage treatment mesh belt, sugar factory sewage treatment mesh belt, cassava residue treatment mesh belt, ceramic factory sewage treatment mesh belt, slaughterhouse sewage treatment mesh belt, tailings sewage treatment mesh belt, printing and dyeing factory sewage Handle the mesh belt. The sewage treatment mesh belt has the characteristics of breathable, permeable and impermeable material (sludge), strong acid resistance and strong alkali resistance. The mesh design makes the filter cake easy to peel off and easy to clean. Mainly used with belt filter press, rubber belt vacuum filter, horizontal belt vacuum filter

Product Description

Sewage Treatment Mesh


Sewage treatment mesh belt is also called polyester filter press. It is suitable for municipal domestic sludge, sludge press filtration of various industries and enterprises, paper mill pulp pressing, concentrated juice pressing and dry discharge of smelters and mine tailings. Used in filter press industry and other special industries.




Since the mesh belt is a herringbone design, the sludge and the mesh belt are peeled off quickly, not easy to stick, a large amount of mud is discharged, easy to clean, and quick and convenient to connect.


1. The mesh belt of the belt filter press has high tensile strength, strong wrinkle resistance, uniform monofilament on the mesh surface, and flexibility.


2. The gluing part of the mesh belt joint of the belt filter press is excellent in workmanship, using imported latex, which is light and thin, not easy to fall off. The joint reed is relatively thin, strong and wear-resistant. The thickness of the interface is even and thin, and it is not easy to damage the scraper.


3. The glue used on both sides of the beer lees processing filter belt is imported latex, which is soft and uniform, not easy to fall off.


4. The surface of the filter belt is smooth, the mud cake is easy to peel off, and the filter belt is easy to wash.


5. The belt filter press is not easy to be deformed in the radial direction, no arching, and no wrinkles. Long service life It has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance (it can be operated for a long time in an environment of 180°C). Filter belt performance: The filter cake is thick and easy to peel off. Stable shape, no deformation, no deviation, no pleating, high tensile strength, strong acid and alkali resistance. Can withstand high and low temperatures. Good air permeability. The tension of the filter belt is generally controlled at 0.3-0.7MPa, and the commonly used value is 0.5MPa. The walking speed of the filter belt is 1~9m/min. Different specifications and sizes can be customized for production.





Diameter mm




Air permeability
















































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Polyester sludge dewatering mesh with 22903 16903 15905 151105 spiral pressure filter 151105N series, according to the customer’s different use environment and equipment size, our mesh belt is widely used in ceramic polishing sewage treatment, magnet concentrator, steel plant sewage For the treatment of gold mines, urban sewage treatment, sand washing plant sewage treatment, slaughter, printing and dyeing sewage treatment and other industries, the 151105n mesh belt is a mesh belt developed for the application of heavy-duty filter press on the dry tailings discharge. It uses PET/PP The characteristics of the mixed woven mesh belt are based on the characteristics of the general sludge dewatering network: high wear resistance, high tensile strength, good flexibility, etc., and are well received by customers!


Sludge dewatering mesh belt and polyester sludge dewatering mesh belt are mainly used for sludge treatment and solid-liquid separation (such as cassava residue treatment) on papermaking, printing and dyeing, textile, slaughter, urban sewage and dry tailings , Sugar mills, juice presses, etc.), according to the different types of materials processed in each industry, the classification of sludge includes organic activated sludge and inorganic sludge, organic sludge such as leather, printing and dyeing, and slaughter. This kind of viscosity is relatively large and it is not easy to peel off. When selecting the mesh, the belt filter press should choose the segmented sludge dewatering net, such as: 5 healds and 8 healds with herringbone patterns. The advantage is: the smooth surface of the net is good for peeling and filtering. Fast water effect, strong stability, good fatigue and wear resistance .






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1. Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients.
2. Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients.
3. Training periodically high qualified service technician.


After-Sales Service

1.Field installation, commissioning and training

2.Video technical support

3.Field maintenance and repair service

4.Online support



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NH Paper Machinery Industrial Group is a leading professional paper machine manufacturer in China, which specializes in making machine, paper making machine and all kinds of paper machine components manufacturing. Based on the development of local market ,we are growing to professional paper mill solution provider. NH Paper Machinery Industrial Group fully implement the guideline in business-"survival depends on quality and service ,market rely on price and brand."

Our main products are a full set of new and second hand paper making equipment with a maximum net with of 6000 mm and a working speed of 700 m/min.It mainly includes a packaging paper production line with an annual output of 200,000-200,000 tons, a cultural paper production line with an annual output of 1-10 million tons, a tissue paper production line with an annual output of 20,000 tons and various special paper production lines.

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According to the process, divided into different workshop .With strict quality control system to ensure the finished product quality .



Part of production equipment for you reference .
1. Special oil heat setting process,increase more than 40% service life.
2. Shuttless weaving process to extend the life of the monofilament.
3. Precise laser spot welding interface of stainless steel wire mesh to ensure the breathability and flatness of stainless steel wire mesh.



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