Stainless steel vertical pipeline horizontal multistage centrifugal pump used for paper mill industrial water treatment liquid transportation and Irrigation

CDL/CDLF is a multifunctional product that can transport various media from tap water to industrial liquids, and is suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges. CDL is suitable for non-corrosive liquids, and CDLF is suitable for slightly corrosive liquids.


Product Description


The CDL(F) series pumps are flanged or threaded pipeline pumps, equipped with a variety of different materials, suitable for different application environments: Gray cast iron L pumps are suitable for circulating pressurization, heating and transportation of ordinary clean non-corrosive liquids. Configuration The materials are stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316L to adapt to clean, oxygen-rich liquid water supply pumps, booster pumps and circulating pumps. The 316L stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump can be used as a circulation pump, booster pump and transfer pump for acidic and alkaline liquids. Flange diameter: DN25-DN125; flow: 180m3/h, head 240m. Note! Different types of pumps for transporting different liquids


Application :

1. Water supply: water plant filtration and transportation, district water supply, main pipe pressurization, high-rise building pressurization.

2. Industrial pressurization: process system, cleaning system, high pressure flushing system, fire fighting system.

3. Industrial liquid transportation: cooling air-conditioning system, boiler feed water and condensing system, supporting lathe, acid and alkali.

4. Water treatment: ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system, separator, swimming pool.

Irrigation: farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation


Operating conditions:

The medium is: thin, clean, non-flammable and explosive liquid without solid particles or fibers.

Medium temperature: normal temperature type -15℃~+70℃ hot water type -15℃~+120℃ 

Environment temperature: ≤+40℃

Altitude: ≤1000m

Flow range: 0.4 -200m3/h;

Lift range: 12-250m;

Speed: 2900r/min;

System working pressure: 2.5Mpa


Motor :

The motor is a fully enclosed, air-cooled secondary standard motor

Motor protection class: Ip55

Motor insulation class: F class

Rotation direction: It rotates counterclockwise from the impeller inlet, and clockwise from the motor.


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