Paper mill cylinder wire paper making machine polyester wire fabric mesh with different mesh

Polyester wire fabric mesh is used for cylinder wire paper machine, with mesh of 10-100 mesh ,custom size as your require .

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Polyester wire fabric mesh is used for cylinder wire paper machine. Polyester wire fabric mesh get long service life,without trace for produced paper, greatly improving the quality of paper,also reducing the production time. Polyester wire fabric mesh is divided into internal and external mesh, and some customer plus a layer between the internal and external mesh(netting) , we call the middle mesh. The internal mesh generally is 14 mesh. External mesh is 60--90 mesh. The material generally is nylon or polyester mesh, after installing mesh to the cylinder of paper machine ,need to steam heating, to shrink, After improved,now many manufacturers have chosen polyester material mesh. Producing good paper and not easy to dye.



It has acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life, which is several times that of woven dry blankets, canvas and general dry nets. Polyester/plastic/nylon mesh belt surface is flat, with high tensile strength and good air permeability. High heat transfer efficiency can save energy for users. Easy to install and use, no marks on the interface.



1. Polyester/plastic/nylon mesh belt is a mesh fabric that is woven with different weaving methods using textile machinery.

2. Polyester/plastic/nylon mesh belt is the main drying and filtering material in the world, so it is widely used in the field of papermaking. It is an indispensable and expensive dewatering equipment in the paper industry.

3. Polyester/plastic/nylon mesh belt has the characteristics of high strength, small deformation, good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and long life. It is used in industries such as sugar, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food, printing, and coal washing.




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