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High speed full-automatic roll slitting and rewinding machine is the raw material at high-speed slitting system, from single ply can be slit and rewound into two, three or four ply paper with various widths, for the production of napkin, hankies, facial or sanitary napkins. The machine is featured of good performance, compact structure, and stable running, and easy operation. The finished products have good winding profiles, which make it a good equipment for the paper mills and textile factories, and a high reputation from the customers.

Product Description

Slitting Rewinder Machine

The slitting rewinder is a machine that can slit mica tape, paper, non-woven fabrics and other products into narrow width.




Rewinding machine is a kind of wide paper or film cutting into a number of narrow material mechanical equipment, often used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery.  


1. The thick steel plate is welded into a firm, Angle balance, so that the machine is stable at high speed.  


2, the machine adopts chrome-plated steel tube, each after dynamic balance treatment.  


3, unwinding using 3-inch air expansion reel, maximum unwinding diameter up to 600mm, equipped with magnetic powder tension controller and automatic side device.  


4, winding adopts 3-inch air expansion reel and magnetic powder tension controller, simple cutting operation, the maximum winding diameter can reach 600mm.  


5, cutting knife can be used industrial surgical blade or flat knife (art blade), 18mm-1600mm adjustable tool.  


6, spindle and round knife use stepless variable speed system, can be used as high and low speed and positive and negative switching control. Electronic speed control system, the use of manual adjustment of machine speed, convenient and simple.  


7, equipped with double-sided diamond grinding system, grinding wheel life can reach two years. knife can be sharpened without disassembly to keep the blade sharp for a long time; Achieve better cutting quality. With a vacuuming capacity to keep the cloth and track clean. 


8, the use of imported precision ball screw and slide, parallel cutting width, imported AC motor adjustment system stepless adjustment and control cutting speed, so as to achieve high precision cutting, precision can be controlled within 0.1 mm.  














    Max. Rewinding Diameter  (mm)


     Work speed  (m/min)


Min. narrow paper width  (mm) 300

Roll space  (mm)












1.Adopt the widen belt on back-stand to increase the friction when feeding paper.


2.Synchronous belt transmission, make it stable-running and less noise even though at high-speed operation.


3.Equipped with newly fasten unit, making it convenient to adjust the raw material.


4.With the function of pneumatic paper loading, edge vacuum suction.


5.Automatic finished roll discharging, Solve the deformation caused by falls paper phenomenon, save the labor force. (Optional)


6.Easy operation, the finished products have good winding profiles and clean cutter.


7.High speed, better efficient, customized machine size could be.




Paramater detail





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NH Paper Machinery Industrial Group is a leading professional paper machine manufacturer in China, which specializes in making machine, paper making machine and all kinds of paper machine components manufacturing. Based on the development of local market. We are growing to professional paper mill solution provider. NH Paper Machinery Industrial Group fully implement the guideline in business-"survival depends on quality and service market rely on price and brand."
Our main products are a full set of new and second-hand paper making equipment with a maximum net with of 6000mm and a working speed of 700m/min. It mainly includes a packaging paper production line with an annual output of 200,000-200,000 tons, a cultural paper production line with an annual output of 1-10 million tons, a tissue paper production line with an annual output of 20,000 tons and various special paper production lines.
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According to your requirement, there are different consistency slag removal equipment, as different capacity required, there are product customized for you.



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