Paper Making Recycling Equipment Internal outflow Pressure Screen paper pulp making machine

Pressure Screen mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp.Many rotor blades,no winding,high efficient and energy-saving rotary rotor.The machine can screen pulp normally under quite high consistency (2.5-4%).It reduces the amount of water cycle and system energy consumption in production process.

Product Description

Pressure Screen

Paper Making Recycling Equipment Internal outflow Pressure Screen paper pulp making machine heavy impurities discharge pipe makes sure the screen basket runs safely.Advanced structure,sturdy and durable convenient disassembly and assembly,low energy consumption,less loss of fiber .It is easy to operate ,less malfunctions for continuous working ,less maintenance cost.Automatic oil injections device can reduce maintenance.Seal water flow automatic detection alarm device makes sure the system runs safety.Interlock system ensures the service life of equipment.





1. Pressure screen,even stock flow,lower impulse

2. Good separation of impurities and fiber bundle

3. High throughput,lower energy consumption

4. High efficient screening ,and as result paper maching operation is stable with less break.

5. Lower reject rate and higher long fiber obtained.




Model ZSL400 ZSL500 ZSL600 ZSL700 ZSL800 ZSL900 ZSL1000
Volume 0.6 0.9 1.2 1.5 2 2.5 3
Concentration of pulp (%) 0.5~2
Pressure of inflow pulp (Mpa) 0.1~0.25
Slot of screen basket  (mm) Φ1.2~Φ2.4   0.15~0.45
Capacity  (t/d) 25~70 40~110 50~140 70~180 90~250 100~280 130~350
Power  (kw) 18.5~22 22~37 37~45 45~55 55~75 75~90 90~110



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NH Paper Machinery Industrial Group is a leading professional paper machine manufacturer in China, which specializes in making machine, paper making machine and all kinds of paper machine components manufacturing. Based on the development of local market ,we are growing to professional paper mill solution provider. NH Paper Machinery Industrial Group fully implement the guideline in business-"survival depends on quality and service ,market rely on price and brand."
Our main products are a full set of new and second hand paper making equipment with a maximum net with of 6000mm and a working speed of 700m/min.It mainly includes a packaging paper production line with an annual output of 200,000-200,000 tons, a cultural paper production line with an annual output of 1-10 million tons, a tissue paper production line with an annual output of 20,000 tons and various special paper production lines.
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According to the process, divided into different workshops. With strict quality control system, ensure the finished product quality.


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