Manufacture supplier pulping and MDF machine chromium alloy refiner 380/400/500/550 double discs refiner plate

Alloy grinding discs refiner plate are the core components widely used in the preparation or grinding of fiber powder in wood-based panels, pharmaceuticals, crushing, tobacco, machinery and other industries, including multi-element alloy grinding discs refiner plate, high chromium alloy grinding discs refiner plate and nickel hard alloy grinding discs refiner plate , etc.

Product Description


Alloy grinding discs refiner plate have higher hardness than ductile iron and stainless steel, and higher chromium white and nickel hard white grinding discs refiner plate have better impact toughness.Pulp and paper industry grinding discs refiner plate: The pulp after cooking or mechanical grinding, screening and bleaching cannot be used directly for papermaking. Because the fiber in the pulp lacks the necessary flexibility, the bonding force between the fiber and the fiber is not ideal. If it is used to make paper, the paper will be loose and porous, the surface is rough, and the strength is low, which cannot meet the requirements of use.The grinding discs refiner plate is the "heart" of the refiner, and there are several to dozens of tooth shapes for each specification of the grinding discs refiner plate 


Work principle:

"Three-point paper making, seven-point beating", beating is to treat the fibers in the pulp by the mechanical action method of the grinding discs refiner plate teeth, so that it can be deflated, appropriately cut and divided into silk; more importantly, the fibers absorb water and swell during beating. Make it have higher elasticity and plasticity, meet the requirements of paper machine production, so that the produced paper can reach the expected quality index.

Grinding discs refiner plate design has always followed the theory of specific blade edge load (SEL). The research and practice cases of my country's Qinyang NH Group Grinding Disc Research Center and Austrian Andritz have shown that specific surface load and rheological effects should be fully considered. The theory of specific blade edge load describes and characterizes the beating characteristics based on the effective load of the impact-shearing flocculated fiber per unit length at the intersection of the rotary blade tooth and the fixed blade tooth edge of the refiner. Specifically, it is determined by the effective power (net power) N of the refiner, the speed n, and the cutting length L per revolution of the grinding plate.


Parameter for reference:

Product name :double/single disc refiner


Outer diameter: 800

Inner diameter:350

Thickness: 35

Material: chromium alloy

Max linear velocity:1480r/min

Hardness: 35-60

Processing object: pulp grinding

Application: paper mill ,MDF, calcium silicate board factory


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